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producing Prevalent

Join Jace as he explores the local legend of The Forest Grove Homicide. This audio/visual experience will follow a college senior as he searches for the truth surrounding the murder of the local pastor decades later.

creating Common

Better with collaboration.


dreaming Daily

As a network of highly specialized creatives, we can bring any story to life. We are a team of creatives, developers, and architects who are passionate about creating engaging experiences.



Designer | Developer

With a passion for collaborative creation, Zac founded fairlyOdd in 2018. As an award winning Creative Director and Illustrator Zac has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from Grammy nominated artists, to Fortune 500 companies.

B. Lyle

Executive Producer | Writer

While being the business backbone of the company, he is also the writer, producer, and lead actor of the award winning TV show The Forest Grove Homicide.

Nicholas Rosson

Executive Producer | Composer

From concepting, and recording, to mixing, mastering, Nick is necessary for the boulder of any composition to be pushed up the hill.

let us help bring your
next dream to life

As a collective, we thrive on collaboration. Feel free to reach out with any upcoming
projects or out of the box ideas you’d like to work with our team on.