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The Nick Adams Story

The Nick Adams Story: An Ernest Hemingway-Inspired Short Film Series

Journey into the world of Ernest Hemingway through the eyes of his beloved character, Nick Adams.

Ch 1: The Devil’s Den

Dive into “A Nick Adams Story” with “The Devil’s Den” the first episode in our captivating Hemingway-inspired short film series. This cinematic journey follows the enigmatic character of Nick Adams, a young man returning to his hometown after the traumas of war. Experience the essence of our unique adaptation of Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River”, and join us as we explore more of Hemingway’s unforgettable stories.

Devil’s Den Poster 1

Poster design by Zac Counts

Devil’s Den Poster 2

Poster design by Zac Counts

Meet The Creatives

Get acquainted with the gifted team of filmmakers, actors, and artists who have passionately collaborated to bring “The Nick Adams Story” to life. Hailing from Arkansas, our dedicated crew has united their talents to deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Zac Counts

Writer And director

Zac Counts, an acclaimed contemporary artist from Arkansas, channels his innovative spirit and passion for storytelling into his role as the writer and director.

Dalton Hays

As Nick adams

Dalton, a gifted actor from rural Arkansas, brings his authentic charm and passion for filmmaking and performance to the role of Hemingway’s iconic character of Nick Adams.

Yonny Flores

Director of Photography

Yonny Flores, the creative force behind Flores5 Media and 385Events, lends his exceptional eye for detail and visual storytelling to the role of Director of Photography.

Eduardo Cecilio

Title sequence & Colorist

Eduardo Cecilio, a seasoned design and development expert, lends his artistic flair and technical expertise to the role of Title Sequence & Colorist for our series.