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The Red Room

Dive into Old Hollywood Through a Modern Lens

Set against the backdrop of the historic Juhr house in Rogers, Arkansas, “The Red Room” weaves a tale that pays homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Judy Barton, an aspiring 20s actress, dreams of making it big in Hollywood. However, fate has a different plan when she inherits an aging estate once owned by her grandmother, Norma Desmond, a renowned silent-film icon. The mansion holds many secrets, but none more alluring and fearsome than the enigmatic red room.

A Legacy Revisited

Drawing inspiration from H.G. Wells’ iconic story and intertwining references from the classic film “Sunset Boulevard,” “The Red Room” merges elements of vintage Hollywood with modern filmmaking techniques. The story not only nods to the character dynamics seen in the legendary film but also subtly hints at the real-life experiences of actress Gloria Swanson.

The Red Room Poster 1

Poster design by Zac Counts

The Red Room Poster 2

Poster design by Zac Counts

Meet The Creatives

Get acquainted with the gifted team of filmmakers, actors, and artists who have passionately collaborated to bring “The Red Room” to life. Hailing from Arkansas, our dedicated crew has united their talents to deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Zac Counts

Writer And director

Zac Counts, an acclaimed contemporary artist from Arkansas, channels his innovative spirit and passion for storytelling into his role as the writer and director.

Yonny Flores

Director of Photography

Yonny Flores, the creative force behind Flores5 Media and 385Events, lends his exceptional eye for detail and visual storytelling to the role of Director of Photography.

Haley Zega

As Judy Barton

Haley Zega, a seasoned theater actor and engaging YouTube presence, effortlessly transitions from stage to screen. With a deep understanding of her craft, she infuses Judy with a unique intensity and compelling flair.

Clint Taylor

Max von Mayerling

Hailing from Arkansas, Clint Barton passionately embarks on his debut cinematic journey. With genuine enthusiasm, he captures the enigmatic essence of Max, blending depth with undeniable commitment.