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The Lighthouse Lost

Small Town Crafted

Set in a small Arkansas town haunted by its past, this tale of unexplained disappearances weaves a chilling narrative that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Shot in Wickes, Gillham, Hatfield, and Berryville Arkansas, “The Lighthouse Lost” offers a cinematic experience that is both timelessly suspenseful and refreshingly rural.

Crafting the Story

Get an inside look at the making of “The Lighthouse Lost.” Director Zac Counts combines elements of classic suspense with modern filmmaking techniques. The film, shot in Wickes, Arkansas, showcases the dedication and creativity of its cast and crew in bringing this story to life.

Meet The Creatives

Get acquainted with the gifted team of filmmakers, actors, and artists who have passionately collaborated to bring “The Lighthouse Lost” to life. Hailing from Arkansas and Texas, our dedicated crew has united their talents to deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Penelope Giese

As mary crane

Penelope Giese, with her rich theater background, brings a unique depth to her role. Known for her dynamic acting and positive energy on set, she delivers a compelling performance that enhances the film’s narrative.

Savanna Thomas

As Charlotte Sullivan

In her first film role, Savanna Thomas showcases her strong theatrical talent. Her dedication and vibrant presence on set contribute significantly to her character’s depth and the overall quality of the film.

Kate Bolen

As marjorie bump

Kate Bolen, a frequent collaborator with the fairlyOdd, brings continuity and depth to her role as Marjorie Bump. Her exceptional talent and familiarity with the character shine through, adding a nuanced layer to the film.

Clint Taylor

As cliff sullivan

Hailing from Arkansas, Clint Barton passionately embarks on his debut cinematic journey. With genuine enthusiasm, he captures the enigmatic essence of Max, blending depth with undeniable commitment.

Zac Counts

Writer, director, & Producer

Zac Counts, a picture maker from Fayetteville Arkansas, channels his passion for storytelling into his role as the writer and director. This mark the fourth short film Zac has directed, and the first he wrote that isn’t adapted.

Jared Phelps

Director of Photography

Jared a rising cinematographer and YouTuber, specializes in live events, particularly eSports. Known for his dynamic work with major brands, Jared brings a fresh perspective to every project, making him an ideal fit for STS.

Yonny Flores

Director of Photography

Yonny Flores, the creative force behind Flores5 Media and 385Events, lends his exceptional eye for detail and visual storytelling to the role of Director of Photography. This is his and Zac’s 4th short film together.

Nick Rosson

Sound mixer & Producer

Nick Rosson, an up and coming producer and 1st AD, who’s invaluable contributions to everything from planning to post- production has made him an essential part of the creative team behind this captivating series.

Harrison Jones

Director of Photography

Harrison, an engineer-turned-filmmaker from Northwest Arkansas, shot the film on one of two days. His debut in short films, he also creates YouTube shorts, showcasing his growing filmmaking passion.

Colby Brewer

Key Grip

Colby, regularly collaborating with fairlyOdd, shifted from acting to working behind the camera as a grip. His work as a grip and attitude on set significantly contributed to achieving the film’s visual goals.

Julia D. Borkowski

Casting Director

Owner of JB Talent Konnections in Berryville, Julia doubled as the casting director and location scout. A dynamic leader in Arkansas’s film scene, she’s known for her versatility and productivity.

Yuni Wa

Music Artist

Based in Little Rock, Yuni Wa’s vaporwave and future funk tunes are a cornerstone of the film’s sound. Collaborating again with Zac Counts, his music adds a distinctive auditory flair to the narrative.